County storm shelter log; good for authorities

Do you have an underground storm shelter or safe room?
A concerned citizen saw a report on KARK Channel 4 about a woman and two children trapped in a storm shelter after a tree had fallen on the door. This promoted a call to the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office to check to see if the county had a list of residents with storm shelters or safe rooms.

The Sheriff’s Office did not have such a list, but, Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth said having a log of residents in the county with underground shelters or safe rooms would help locate missing people if Hot Spring County was to be hit with a catastrophic event like the recent EF-4 tornado that leveled a portion of Faulkner, Pulaski and White counties. The department is currently compiling a list.
Hollingsworth said anyone with existing storm shelters or safe rooms can call the office at (501) 332-3671 or stop by the office at 215 East Highland Avenue, Suite 119 in Malvern to register your shelter or safe room.
The KARK news report states that Pum Eade and her two children in the shelter could hear a neighbor looking for them but the neighbor was unable to hear them. The report also said the neighbor’s dog alerted him to the family trapped in the shelter.

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