From: Me — To: You (by Sharon Smith)

My favorite ol’ horseman, George Thurber, once said, “Work is hard enough without people making it more difficult.” Most Christians understand the foundation of this, because at one time or another we are on one side of the transaction or the other. We are either the client or the clerk; buyer or seller. Most folks are raised to do unto others (you know the rest).

Our customers at the Malvern Daily Record are great and most of the time the folks that I interact with aren’t even buying anything. They bring me word of their new grandchild, revival, bake sale or scholarship winner. I joke that most times my job is akin to fluffy kittens and cotton candy. Pretty much true. And I am thankful for it.

Sure, sometimes something goes wrong and I don’t see that I have left the “a” off of Erica and now she is a he. When I arrive at perfection, y’all will be the first to know. Don’t hold your breath.

I have so enjoyed being in this community, especially the blessed sweetness of getting to know everyone and helping them. I will never be able to repay all the support and love that this lovely little town has done for me and my best friend and our family. Y’all befriended us and welcomed us. My best friend has found a home, here, in this small part of the world. Our church-family lifts us up as we pray for each other and the world.

Perhaps, that is the best thing that somebody can say as they finish the statement “I’m so Malvern...”

Malvern hasn’t been exclusionary to my family, because that is not what being a Christian or a Malvernite is about. Am I so Malvern? No, not by a longshot. I have only been here 23 years (half of my life). But, none of us really are from here. My old editor, Mark Bivens, used to tease me! “Nobody is from Malvern... they all moved here and it wasn’t that long ago.”

Through a common vision of faith, hope and love, Malvern to my family, has become the greatest little town we know. So, even if you don’t live here anymore, you might still have a little piece of Malvern with you anywhere you go. As for my answer? I’m so Malvern... and you are too.

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