Music, ice cream and birthdays at the Senior Center (By Ann Ashcraft)

Margaret SEZ’S. “We want every senior in Hot Spring County to be able to enjoy their senior years and you can do this by eating a balanced meal each day and staying active. We want to encourage you to come into the Senior Center if you are not already doing so and socialize with others your age. We provide transportation to anyone who needs a ride. All you need to do is call 332-5374.
If you have any questions we will be glad to discuss your situation and needs with. Remember to stay cool this summer and drink a lot of fluids. The best way to save on your electric bill at home is to come stay at the Malvern Senior Center with us all day and take advantage of the exercise equipment, pool room, computer room and the card games.” It will make you feel much better.
Thanks to Baptist Health and Glenda for keeping the seniors healthy and happy by having their blood pressure and blood sugar checked each week.
The Cooper Road Band played music at the Center Monday, July 21. Those participating were: Kenneth Prince-banjo and vocals, Monroe Ennis-dobro and vocals, Janis Johnson-fiddle and vocals, Linda Henderson-bass and special guest Dean Stafford from Hot Springs-guitar, harmonica and vocals. Thank you, band for great music.
Monday, July 21 following lunch the Senior Center served homemade ice cream and homemade cake to everyone. It was like old times, only we were not outside in the heat. Everyone enjoyed the treat.
Members having a birthday in July will be honored Friday, July 25 with a sit down lunch served to them. You are welcome to come and celebrate with them. Lunch that day will be beef cutlet/gravy, baked potato/sour cream, English peas, bread, peach crispand drink. Look forward to seeing you.
Next week the Center will have special entertainment Wednesday, July 30 and the end of the month drawing Thursday, July 31.
Can you believe that August is just around the corner? Time really flies when you are having so much fun.
Members of the Senior Activity Center having a birthday from July 22 to July 28 are: Elsie Williams, Lyndia McClenahan, Thomas Bane, Loretta Cole and Leodus Rose. Happy Birthday.

The Malvern Senior Center is a program of the Central Arkansas Development Council.

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