Outdoor concerts and child do not mix well

By Ronna Pennington —

I learned something new this weekend: my daughter and outdoor concerts don’t quite mix.
I thought if anything, it would be the gnats or other flying creatures that would bother her most about sitting outdoors for a few hours. As it turns out, I was at least partly right. We went to Magic Springs Saturday night to hear one of her favorite Disney performers in concert.
Who am I kidding? The singer is actually one of our family’s favorite performers. Bridgit Mendler starred as big sister Teddy on the Disney Channel’s Good Luck, Charlie. We see a lot of our own family in the characters of that show, even though we are a family of three and Teddy’s TV family is seven.
We didn’t want to miss Bridgit, so we got there early and picked a nice place to sit. We were comfortable until another group came to sit beside us on blankets. Every time they turned around, they kicked over ice cream or sodas. With those spilled treats came the gnats. Neither of us are bug fans. I thought the concentration on the flying pests would go away once the concert began.
I looked at my daughter, whose face was scrunched into a scowl that is usually reserved for early mornings.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Just look around,” she said.
I did. I saw an outdoor concert.
She nodded toward the women in front of us...and to both sides of us. They were moms who were dancing.
Then it occurred to me that what we saw was different due to our generational difference. I saw women who, while their kids slept on blankets or turned cartwheels oblivious to the concert, were determined to get their money’s worth from the tickets they bought. My daughter saw moms gone wild.
On a bright note, Bridgit did a great job of singing. Unlike some live performances I’ve seen, her voice was pure and powerful. On another bright note, I won some props from my kid for not being one of those dancing moms. She even thanked me (I think), “Thank you for not embarrassing yourself like that.” I’ll take that as a compliment.

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