Reggans appointed to JP position

Malvern resident Diana Reggans was recently appointed by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe to the vacant District 5 position on the Hot Spring County Quorum Court after a vacancy was declared when David Smith resigned. Reggans was approved by the court in a regular meeting Tuesday evening and took her seat as Justice of the Peace that evening. Reggans’ appointment will end Dec. 31, 2014.

The court also agreed to hold a special meeting of the budget and finance committee on Friday, June 13 at 1 p.m. at the courthouse to allow the sheriff's office to hire a temporary employee to accommodate the approaching absence of a front office clerk. Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth previously was granted a temporary employee, however he explained that the person was not needed because the employee on maternity leave returned to work before the other person was hired. Hollingsworth explained that one employee would likely be off work for eight weeks and that he would need a second person during that time. He went on to say that this person is the one who primarily takes care of circuit court monetary collections, which is collected by the sheriff's office. Hollingsworth said "this will put us in the same situation we've been in or worse because the circuit court goes through about five stages before going to the treasurer — it's like a spider web."
An attendee interrupted Hollingsworth, insisting he was speaking of District Court by saying that the person going on leave took money for district court which is who she worked for. The woman was identified as Laura Lindsey, and stated several times that she was with District Court, not Circuit Court which was the area Hollingsworth was referring to.

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