Russell awarded state Court Clerk of the Year

Melba Russell, Chief Deputy Clerk for the District Court in Hot Spring County, was recently named the Arkansas Court Clerk of the Year by the Arkansas District and City Court Clerks’ Association (ADCCCA). She received the award at their conference held in Rogers on April 25. “I sure do appreciate the recognition, but I’m one of those people who prefer to stay in the background. It was very nice, though,” said Melba.

To be eligible for the nomination, Russell had to be a member of the Arkansas Court Clerk Association (ACCA) and be certified by completing 32 educational hours. Russell was certified in 1997 and has earned 18 updates since then. The award recognizes members who have “made significant contributions to the objectives of the court clerk’s profession, the association and to the clerk’s own community,” as stated by the ADCCCA.
Russell was nominated by District Court Judge of Hot Spring County Sherry Burnett. In Burnett’s nomination letter, she wrote of Russell’s performance, “It is a pleasure for me to work with Melba, I consider her to be a valuable employee to our department as well as to the City of Malvern. She handles all of her tasks with skill and professionalism.”

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