Testimony given in ProMed/city suits

United States Magistrate Judge Barry A. Bryant heard testimony from ProMed Ambulance, LifeNet and the City of Malvern at the federal court building in Hot Springs on Wednesday, June 11. Bryant made no decision on ProMed’s motion for preliminary injunction or the City of Malvern’s motion to dismiss. Bryant said he expected to set a hearing relatively quickly, addressing both the injunction and the dismissal requests together.

In his opening statement, ProMed attorney David Price said the motion for injunction is to ask the court to set a reset button regarding the city’s decision to offer an exclusive service contract with LifeNet. Price said that LifeNet’s proposal did not meet three of the city’s requirements set forth in a request for proposals (RFP). Specifically, Price said LifeNet did not offer two years of financial statements as required, did not specifically identify ambulance units to be used in the city and did not identify a local medical director.

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