Time to get your Canadian tuxedos ready

Get your Canadian tuxedos ready, ladies. Canadian tuxedos? If you don’t know what one is (which you do, just maybe not by this name) let me tell you... it is when you wear denim both on top and bottom. Do you think this is a fashion faux pas, because if you do you’re mistaken. Once upon a time perhaps it was, but not anymore. Denim is an excellent material due to how durable and long-lasting it can be. You’ll hear me say this on just about everything, you get what you pay for. I have jeans that cost more than your average pair of jeans do; mind you, I have had some of these for years upon years and will have them for years to come.

I have this denim shirt that I love and you can tell how much it is loved because I think I wear it once a week. I know what you’re thinking because I think it myself–enough already, change it up! I find myself drawn to said shirt and its pearl snap buttons and sometimes count the days until I can wear it again. I have got to do something about this.
Back to the Canadian tux at hand. How do you pull off this look? There are a few ways you can do it:

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