Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. celebrates 50 years

A look inside the 50,000 square foot building and production of Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. will celebrate its 50 year anniversary on Monday, May 27, 2019.
Alexis Meeks
Staff Writer

Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc., located at 100 Babcock Street, has been serving Malvern and the state of Arkansas for 50 years.
Established on May 27, 1969 by Charlie Adams, the company started with two splicers, one drop clipper and one old Seybold clipper, the company has grown and now occupies a 50,000 square foot building. Clyde Ratcliff bought the company in 1986. He said he bought it because he knew he wanted to own his own business. He bought Adams Face Veneer Company Inc. because he had worked there before and was able to make a deal with Adams.
In his 33 years, Ratcliff has seen the business change. He has seen many veneer companies move their production to Asia. He said that one reason he is still here is his ability to adapt to a changing market. Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc., is one of the only veneer manufacturers left in the state. Ratcliff said that many veneer companies didn’t know how to adapt or they moved their production else where. He credits his success to being able to adapt and change the end product to match customers needs.
Ratcliff and his six employees have changed their product to match the changing needs and now specializes in veneer for cabinets. Ratcliff said that they also do church furniture, specialty items, and some architecture.
Ratcliff also credits his success to his employees and his loyal customer base. He said that his employees have been loyal to him and don’t just work for themselves. He explained that his employees are beholden to the company and the quality of the products they produce. He said his customers have stuck with him no matter what. One of his business philosophies is to provide his customers with a good, quality product at minimum cost and just in time delivery. He said he and his team will do the utmost to solve the problems a customer might have.
Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and can be reached at (501) 332-3421.