Arkansas sets execution date for Jack Greene

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson scheduled a Nov. 9 execution for Jack Greene, who was convicted of killing Sidney Jethro Burnett in 1991.

Burnett had been found dead, bound and gagged by his wife in 1991. Prosecutors alleged Greene used a can of hominy as a weapon to beat Burnett before killing him with a knife. Greene’s first two sentences were overturned, but he was once again sentenced to death in a third trial.

After Greene’s arrest in Oklahoma, he fought extradition to Arkansas because Arkansas has the death penalty. He agreed to extradition to North Carolina, where he was wanted for killing his brother, Sheriff Eddie King. But he was eventually extradited to Arkansas and put on death row.

Arkansas recently came into possession of a new supply of midazolam, a sedative used in the execution process. Two additional drugs are also used for lethal injections in Arkansas.

In April, Arkansas rushed to execute four other inmates before its supply of midazolam expired. Arkansas originally scheduled eight executions, but four of them won stays of execution. Hutchinson committed the sentence of one of those inmates, Jason McGehee, to life without parole. McGehee had been sentenced to death for beating a 15-year-old to death in 1996. Hutchinson said he based this decision on many factors, including entire trial transcripts, meetings with the victim’s family and recommendations of the parole board.

The other three inmates who were granted a stay have appeals pending.

During the executions in April, Arkansas’ first using midazolam, one of the inmates put to death lurched and convulsed 20 times during the execution.



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