Braun Strowman rules over Monday Night Raw

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Braun Strowman stands tall at the top of the food chain. Monday Night Raw accomplished a lot in terms of building heat for feuds leading up to the next pay per view, No Mercy, but no one looked better last night than Braun Strowman, taking out both Brock Lesnar and John Cena in a single night.

First, Strowman came out to face Lesnar, his opponent for the Universal Title on No Mercy. It seemed Lesnar, after getting owned by Lesnar twice already, finally got one over on the big man after putting him in a suplex. But Strowman popped up as Lesnar celebrated and put him in his running power slam.

His match against John Cena (later in the night) ended with a disqualification (He actually should have been disqualified earlier than he was) after hitting Cena with the chairs and then power slamming him on top of them. Strowman destroyed Cena the same way he destroyed Roman Reigns several times. Although not technically a win, because of the disqualification, it was still unexpected to see Cena suffer a loss before his big match with Reigns. But this is mitigated by the fact that Reigns could never really stand against Strowman either.

Reigns and Jordan

Jason Jordan seems to be playing a role as a hero jobber at the moment, which leaves an open question as to the WWE’s long term plans for Jordan.

By all accounts, Jordan and Reigns put on a good match, with Reigns winning.

After the match, Cena confronted Reigns. For the first time, Reigns won the verbal sparring match. Reigns’ thin wit in previous dialogues earned him more ridicule than normal from many WWE fans, and Cena was not shy about acknowledging this.

“Maybe just keep it to one sentence,” said Cena.

Sasha Banks vs Emma

Two of the four contestants in the Women’s Title match fought it out. Sasha Banks, who just dropped the title to Alexa Bliss, defeated Emma.

Emma has suffered several losses and is not nearly as credible as the other women involved in this match (Banks, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss). We could be in for an inexplicable surprise if the WWE actually decides to put the belt on Emma at No Mercy.

Goldust vs Bray Wyatt

The two kings of the bizarre met in the ring for the very first time. Bray Wyatt accused Goldust of hiding behind his makeup to deny his own fears, saying Goldust was the same as Finn Balor.

This was a very good match. As the commenters have said, Goldust only gets better as he gets older. Though I was hoping for something special from mic performances. Goldust and Wyatt are both incredible on the mic and it’s really a shame that Goldust didn’t talk at all before their match.

But fans have praised the end of the match. After his win, Wyatt washed Goldust’s face paint off: a symbolic thing, much like ripping off a luchadore’s mask.

Elias Samson vs Kalisto

Give Elias Samson his last name back! Elias isn’t a wrestler’s name, it’s the name of some random guy.

Anyway, fans are warming up to Elias Samson and the WWE seems to be recognizing this. He had much more time to perform than normal (before his opponent’s music interrupted him) and the fans cheered for him even as he sang about how terrible their own home city was.

Kalisto and Elias Samson put on a good match with Samson taking the win.

The Miz and Enzo Amore

The words “heel” and “face” mean less every day. The Miz, usually a hell (bad guy) announced his wife, Maryse, is pregnant and earned a great reaction from the fans.

With Enzo Amore coming out, The Miz did his thing and used every rumor and every booking flub as a weapon against him on the mic. By the time The Miztourage beat Enzo down, the fans were solidly on Miz’s side.

The Miz, by virtue of pure charisma and mic skills, might just earn himself a fan-backed push, much like Daniel Bryan did years ago.

Four-man tag

The Hardy Boyz teamed with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to take on Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Sheamus and Cesaro.

It was a solid enough match, but nothing compared to the dominance of Strowman over Lesnar and then Cena. Many fans say Strowman vs Cena should have been the main event that night, rather than this four-man tag.

The Hardy Boyz, Rollins and Ambrose won. Rollins and Ambrose, the Raw Tag Team Champions, seem certain to retain the titles at No Mercy.


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