Circus comes to Malvern

Tiger trainer/performer Ryan has been with the Kelly Miller Circus for six years. He has a total of eight tigers that travel with the circus but only six perform. The youngest are two brothers, only 8 months old that have not completed their formal circus training. To see more of Ryan and his tigers check out his facebook page Show Me Tigers.
Gretchen Ritchey
Staff Writer

The Kelly Miller Circus big top in the Sykes parking lot has been raised and the midway will open at 3 p.m. with camel rides, pony rides and other cool, fun things to see and do. According to "Ringmaster Rebecca" there will be some odd and unusual attractions. Performances today (Thursday, March 26) will be held at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m.

This year the circus has a dancing elephant named Anna Louise. She is an African elephant and is 34 years old. Other animals performing today will be six tigers, three camels, four dogs, four Indian running ducks and a llama. The circus has three zebras but they will not be performing due to the performance being on asphalt which can damage the zebra's hooves.

Rebecca stated that the circus is powered by a 200 kilowatt generator. She said the circus has two shows per day and works seven days a week. They travel for nine months of the year, resting in the winter months.

She also said because the performers and staff travel during the evening, the circus has a full-time cook who travels ahead of the performers and staff acquiring eatery needs. He is also in charge of determining the tent space and location prior to the tent's arrival.

The animals at the circus are vet checked monthly and kept up-to-date on state permits for states traveling in. Rebecca said the circus has a large list of large animal veterinarians throughout the United States.



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