City Council tables discussion on sleeping in the park and annexation requirements for water customers

Staff Writer

The Malvern City Council tabled two discussions: the discussion on banning sleeping at Malvern City Park and the discussion terminating a required agreement to annex for out-of-city water customers.

Alderman David Cross proposed tabling the City Park ordinance. Before the meeting, it was discussed that there had been a lot of comments about a proposal to ban over-night stays at Malvern City Park. Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon reminded those in attendance that she said at the agenda meeting they could refer homeless people to the Hot Spring County Homeless Coalition or CADC.

At the Agenda Meeting, the Council also discussed removing the requirement agree to annexation from the agreements for water customers outside of the City of Malvern. The Council already approved an ordinance terminating double water rates.

At a task force meeting, Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon said she got the impression that Arkansas the task force, which recommends laws to the Arkansas House and Senate, took issue with required annexation agreements and might force Malvern to sell some of its out-of-city water lines if Malvern kept the stipulation.

Alderman Wayne Reynolds motioned that the ordinance be tabled. He said they’ve already ended double rates for water and sewer and he didn’t see any reason to do away with the annexation requirements.


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