City to hold second reading on repeal of ordinance allowing sleeping in Malvern City Park

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

The Malvern City Council held its Agenda Meeting on Tuesday, a day later than usual because of the holiday.

The City Council added to its agenda (for the Jan. 8 City Council meeting) a second reading of an ordinance repealing a 1968 park ordinance that allowed sleeping in Malvern City Park. During previous meetings, Malvern Mayor Brenda Weldon said there was an issue of people sleeping on the benches half naked during the day while families wanted to enjoy the park and have picnics.

During previous meetings, the City Council discussed possible ways to change the rules. One idea was to put a curfew, but it was pointed out that a curfew would not solve the problem of people sleeping at the tables during the day. Members of the Council also said people sometimes want to use the park late at night, such as athletes, because it’s often too hot to practice during the day.

There was also concern that people might fall asleep or nap on blankets after a picnic and get a ticket for it.

The Council decided to simply repeal the ordinance. The problem, Weldon had said, was that police were not able to do anything about complaints because of the 1968 ordinance. Weldon also said she wanted to make it clear she didn’t want people to have no place to sleep, but she wanted people to be able to enjoy the park. At previous meetings, she added that there are resources available, such as the Hot Spring County Homeless Coalition.


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