City Park Stage is taking shape in time for Brickfest

Both Malvern Mayor Steve Northcutt and Malvern Street Department Supervisor Glenn McCloud said the stage being constructed in Malvern City Park is a huge bonus for the park, the citizens of Hot Spring County and tourism, which translates to commerce.
In last week’s Malvern City County meeting it was discussed that the original cost of the stage at the City Park would be $40,000, not the $20,000 that had been earlier figured.
A mistake in bookkeeping by one the contractors revealed Malvern would need to come up with a extra $20,000 for their part of the stage.
The stage will be 100-foot-by-70-foot roofing over a 75-foot-by-70-foot concrete slab. The slab was already in place as the foundation of the former Boys & Girls Club.
Approximately 20 inmates from the Ouachita River Correctional Unit are helping getting the stage ready.
McCloud said he hoped walls would be constructed. The water has been turned on and he hopes future bathrooms will be put in place.
McCloud estimated that when finished the structure could be worth “$150,000 to $190,000” and that it was going to be excellent.
Sykes, Acme Brick and Summit Bank are the major sponsors.
The City will own the stage but it will be used for Brickfest.

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