DC Comics' star writer Geoff Johns to take on Watchmen

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

DC Comics’ legendary writer Geoff Johns will be writing for Watchmen in Doomsday Clock, which will come out this November. The end of “The Button” crossover in Flash #22 left readers with a mystery that will continue in Doomsday Clock.

Watchmen will feature characters from the iconic graphic novel, Watchmen, by Alan Moore. Originally meant to feature characters featured in Charlton, which had recently been purchased by DC, Alan Moore re-wrote the graphic novel with original characters in a separate universe from DC because of how much the storyline would have changed the DC Universe. Watchmen, and Alan Moore, have some of the most devoted fans in the comic book industry.

While many of these fans have mixed feelings about continuing the Watchmen franchise, especially under a different writer, Geoff Johns made a name for himself as the writer who propelled DC over Marvel during the “War of Light” and “Blackest Night” story arcs. Smashing onto the scene, Johns quickly became the star writer for DC Comics.

Doomsday Clock will team Johns with artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.


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