Deon Johnson gives false name when arrested

Staff Writer

October 18, 2018, Malvern Police Department arrested Deon Johnson, who gave the arresting officer a false ID of Davion Nolen for shoplifting at the Malvern Walmart. No identification was presented to verify that Johnson was not Nolen at the time of his arrest.
As a result Nolen’s information and Johnson’s photo were featured in the Malvern Daily Record’s weekly Shoplifting Report.
The false information was reported to the Malvern Police Department on October 24. Johnson admitted to being arrested on October 18, and that he told officers his name was Davion Nolen.
After the report of the false information. Malvern Police Department officers checked and confirmed that the photo on file presumed to be Nolen was actually Deon Johnson.
Johnson was booked that day for Shoplifting and Obstruction of Government Operations.
Any warrants against Nolen are invalid and have been recalled.


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