Determination brings success for Bobby Bones

Gretchen Ritchey

Congrats to Bobby and Sharna for winning Season 27 of Dancing With the Stars on Monday, November 19, 2018.
Some of you may be Bobby Bones fans, some may be Dancing With the Stars fans and others, well may not be either. Me, I’m a fan of both. More so Bobby Bones.
I listen to The Bobby Bones Show every morning on my way to work on KSSN 95.7 FM (about 30 minutes each day). I never thought I would enjoy morning talk show, but it really helps me get motivated for the day, especially when I hear the Something Good or Morning Corny.
A while back, Bobby announced that he was going to be a star on Dancing with the Stars this season. He was super excited and his ambition to work hard and do his best was amazing. I think this is why I like this show. Bobby’s a true hard worker and believer in hard work pays off.
Hard work paid off for Bobby and his professional dance partner, Sharna Burgess, as they took the Mirrorball Trophy during the live voting segment of the season.
On Monday, they received high marks (8) from all three judges until their final dance, a freestyle. After the freestyle dance, Bobby asked the judges to sign his shoe. They received a perfect score, three 10s from the judges. Bobby fell to his knees as each judge announced their score.
Sure, some probably thought Bobby wasn’t the best dancer on the floor. But for a person with no experience and a lot of determination, the man from a small Arkansas town of 700 people sure shined Monday evening.
I won’t lie and say I’ve been a faithful voter. Sorry, Bobby. But, I have kept up with the news each weekday morning while on my way to work. When I had the opportunity to watch and vote, I did. Although, at first the decision was hard and I had to split my votes between Bobby and country singer, John Schneider (Bo Duke).
On Tuesday after the announcement, it began surfacing on social media that many viewers of the show were furious about the win. A US Weekly headline read, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Viewers Are Furious About Bobby Bones’ Win: ‘Total Farce.” The article, written by Nicholas Hautman, talks about how Bobby was thought to be the underdog throughout season and managed to pull off a surprising win.
Bobby repeatedly received some of the lowest marks from the three judges. But as stated before, one of the reasons I really admire Bobby Bones is his determination and dedication to his fans.
After the announcement of the winner, disbelief was evident on a couple other contestants’ faces. Whether he was the best dancer or not, doesn’t really matter when dancers reach a certain time in the season it’s the viewers and voters that count. I only knew of one other star dancing, a childhood heart-throb, John Schneider, who left the show mid-season.
US Weekly reported social media users began Facebooking and Tweeting immediately after the show’s airing, “Bobby should have been kicked off on like week 2,” “Sorry total FARCE!! and an insult to everyone to give Bobby Bones the trophy. This is no longer a dance contest but a fan contest. Either give the judges 100 percent of the decision for the semi finals and the Finale or the show is done for good,” and “Time to change the voting system to give more weight to the judges scores.”
Actor Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) tweeted, “Dancing With the Stars just confirmed why I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars,” about his win.
Bobby replied to the tweet in a video where he addressed the win and said that he has always believed that you surround yourself with the best people because they will get the best out of you. And that is exactly what he did, he surrounded himself with the best people he has, his fans. Bobby also said that he wasn’t angry with Harris, rather he felt honored that Harris knew who he was.
On Tuesday morning’s Good Morning America, Bobby made an appearance where he stated, “To everyone who’s told ‘No,’ I just want to say that it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, because we came from the lowest spot.”
An admirer of Bobby and Sharna also took to social media by stating, “Haters gonna hate, it’s not his fault that he improved so much and he has the best people backing him up. We are so proud of you @mrBobbyBones & @SharnaBurgess …YOU EARNED THIS!!!” I so agree with this statement. Our world is so full of hate and criticism that we can’t look at the good in life. Bobby, because of his determination and desire to succeed, did just that. Succeed. Just think of what we could conquer if we all were as determined to succeed as Bobby was.
Bobby and his team on the Bobby Bones Show is an uplifting program full of the good things in life. We should all be happy for him and his dance partner, Sharna.
A little Bobby Bones trivia — Bobby Bones was born Bobby Estell in Hot Springs. He was raised in Mountain Pine by his mother and maternal grandmother. At the age of 5, he began dreaming of a radio career. Because of his upbringing, he viewed radio as a way of escaping poverty. At the age of 17, he began his radio career at the Henderson State University radio station, KSWH 91.1 FM.
Bones graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio/Television in 2002. He has worked in three states, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. In February 2013, The Bobby Bones show went into a national syndication with Premiere Networks, owned by Clear Channel. The show was made available on and on the mobile app. The show is currently carried by 68 FM radio stations in the United States.
Bobby released his first book entitled Bare Bones, I’m Not Lonely If You’re Reading This Book in 2016. The book soon became a New York Times Best Seller.
In June 2018, he released a second book, Fail Until You Don’t: Fight. Grin. Repeat. Exactly what he did on this seasons DWTS.
There is so much more about Bobby Bones, you’ll just have to web search his accomplishments for yourself. Amazing.
As a media personality, well in this small town. I find myself wanting to please my fans and readers. So yeah, I get it — all of you reading this are the ones that keep me doing what I do.
Thank you.

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