Difference Makers of HSC

It might not be everyday, but somewhere somebody is looking over Hot Spring County and thinking about all the good reasons to live here.

Editorial writers across this country more often than not throw out a few lines to get people fired up about something.
That’s so easy to do. Write something about a neighborhood that needs to be cleaned up or an area of town that could use a bucket of paint here and there and a lot of people will jump on board.

That’s all well-and-fine. In fact, it’s good. People care about the appearance of the place they call home, as they rightfully should.
Right now that’s hard to do. The people are what make a place special.

This week we began seeking nominations for a feature we will call ‘Difference Makers’ to be published in coming editions of the Malvern Daily Record.
These are the people who make Malvern and Hot Spring County a better place to live without seeking anything in return.

The response has been good. Almost overwhelming. But to some people the word ‘overwhelming’ is considered a negative term. So let’s stick with the word ‘good’ and hope those nominations keep coming.

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