Do you know someone worthy?

The Malvern Daily Record is always looking to offer new features. Right now on the drawing board is a project to spotlight the people in our community that make a difference — a difference in a positive way.
Those people could be volunteers or anyone having a positive impact toward helping the community and the people who live here in our readership area.

What we'd like to do is have our readers submit names of people worthy of recognition. List some of the reasons someone deserves recognition. And keep this in mind. These nominees can be from all walks of life, just as long as they have a positive impact on the community.
Rather than have the editorial staff of the MDR go out and hand pick people for these features, we'd rather have our readers submit names. These nominees might not be well-known and don't have to be. It could be someone who does things for others without seeking any reward. In fact, those are the type of people we'd prefer to spotlight. These people might otherwise go unrecognized.

When submitting names, we'd also prefer to have readers submit the names of some people we could talk to about what these people have done to make the community a better place.

If you have an idea about someone worthy of recognition, email the name or names to or call Mark Bivens at 501-337-7523.

(Mark Bivens is the editor of the Malvern Daily Record)

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