Don't underestimate fan importance

Over the last couple of weeks I have attended a great many sporting events.
While each community and student body is passionate about their school’s teams, the manner in which they support those teams differs drastically.
Take Wednesday night’s tournament game at Magnet Cove High School, for example.
It was a great game that came right down to the wire against a team that the Lady Panthers just have a hard time beating (Spring Hill).
There have been few times I have seen a crowd be into a game as much as the Magnet Cove faithful were that night.
It wasn’t just because it was a close game either. When the Lady Panthers fell behind by 10 points, the crowd kept that intensity and you could see the players were feeding off that energy, which helped spark the comeback.

For the full column, see Friday's (December 13) Malvern Daily Record.

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