EA Sports UFC3 to be released early next year

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

EA Sports UFC 3 incorporates Real Player Motion technology, which is a new gameplay animation technology. Developers recorded over 5,000 new animations and incorporated RPM tech, giving the game a more fluid and responsive combat. Each move feels more realistic than in previous games.

EA Sports UFC 3 features a G.O.A.T Career Mode, which offers a sim of a UFC fighters career. Players can pick fights with characters in the game by talking trash on simulated social media, fight for UFC contracts and fight through the independent circuit to join the legendary UFC.

Multiplayer is expanded. Players can customize rules and dynamics of every match. If players want to fight with unlimited stamina, they have that option in the custom game mode.

EA Sports UFC 3 will be released on Feb. 2, 2018.



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