EAST conference wraps up

Staff Writer

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – The 2015 EAST Conference, presented by the Arkansas Department of Education, concluded Thursday in Hot Springs, celebrating the work of EAST students from around the country.
Harrisburg Middle School in Harrisburg, Ark., was awarded the Timothy R. Stephenson Founder’s Award, presented to the EAST program that most exemplifies the EAST model of project-driven, student-led education.
Other finalists for the Founder’s Award included Dover High School, Greenbrier High School, Helen Tyson Middle School, Joe T. Robinson Middle School and Roberts Elementary School.
Helen Tyson Middle School won the Founder’s Award Category for Project Sophistication and Innovation. Prairie Grove Middle School won the Founder’s Award Category for Community and Collaboration. Greenbrier High School won the Founder’s Award Category for Student Growth.
Prior to and during EAST Conference, EAST programs were evaluated in several areas including program summary and booth display. More than 60 EAST programs received a Superior rating.
The EAST staff was assisted through Conference by the EAST Alumni members, student Ambassador Team, Documentation Team and Technical Support Team, all critical roles to Conference operations.
The 2016 National EAST Conference is set for March 15 -17, 2016, in Hot Springs.


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