Entergy warns of high flood water

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From Entergy Arkansas, Inc.

Flow Release as of Mar. 7, 2016

There is a forecast for significant rainfall and possible flash flooding for much of this week. At Noon today we will begin releasing about 3600 CFS from Remmel, Carpenter and Blakely dams. The lake refill will be temporarily suspended. Once the rains start to fall we will be adjusting our releases as needed in response to the increased inflow. Typically this means Blakely will stop releases and Carpenter and Remmel will increase releases. Depending upon how hard the rains fall and how rapid the inflow should increase the levels of the lakes could fluctuate. If we have a steady rain event we will allow the lakes to slowly refill toward the end of the week.

A flash flood event could cause a very rapid lake level rise, this is most likely on Lake Catherine. Lakefront property owners should prepare and take precautions to secure docks and boats against this possibility.

We will try to keep you informed throughout this event via this list server message and on Facebook.

Lakes Hamilton and Catherine will begin to return to normal summertime levels starting March 5. The lakes will rise approximately 6 inches per day beginning March 5 and ending March 13, to their normal summertime levels.

Disclaimer: This message was provided as a public service by Entergy Arkansas, Inc. There is no guarantee that actual releases or lake level projections will occur as described. We do our best to plan our operations and to accurately communicate those plans, however system conditions are subject to change at a moment's notice and we may not always be available to communicate those changes in a timely fashion.



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