FBI, DEA offer $20,000 reward for information on Suzen Cooper

Press release
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Little Rock – The Little Rock FBI is seeking information regarding the disappearance of Susan Cooper. Susan Cooper was last seen on September 26, 2016, in Malvern, Arkansas.

Ms. Cooper was 44 years old at time of her disappearance and is described as being 5’ 7” in height, weighing 165 pounds, and has light brown hair and blue eyes. Ms. Cooper has five tattoos. The five tattoos are located on: her upper arm - appears to be a small flower; her left breast – the words “Mr. Wrong” in the center of a heart; her right shoulder blade – the words “We are all playing the same game just different levels. All living in the same hell, just different devils”; her left thigh – the words “I’ll be your Bonnie and you will be my Clyde”; and, her right calf – the word “Mike” with a cross and a head.

If you have information or details related to the disappearance of Susan Cooper or those who may be involved, please report it to the FBI Little Rock at (501) 221-9100 or the Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 337-7738.

The FBI and DEA are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for her disappearance.



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