The five best songs to listen to while driving through Hot Spring County

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

There’s no one alive who doesn’t listen to music while driving through Hot Spring County. A really good song can take you out of your world and put you in the setting of the song. But some songs and locations go together well enough that the song meshes with your surroundings and gives you a different feel about where you are, making you appreciate things that you wouldn’t normally notice.

Here are my five picks for the best songs to listen to while driving through Hot Spring County.

Live to Win by Paul Stanley

There are times when we all get exhausted. And no matter how much sleep you get, everyone is always exhausted when it’s early enough. While dragging yourself to your car at 5 a.m. to drive in for an early day, you have two options in how to pick yourself up: one, buy a half-gallon thermos and fill it with coffee or two: listen to this song. The low toned buildups fit how you’re probably feeling as you tape your eyelids open and pull out of the driveway, and the belting chorus fills you with the soul of a champion. You’re not just going to get through this day, you’re going to own!

Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band

Pick a spot in Hot Spring County, any spot, and tell me you can’t picture Johnny having his fiddle duel with The Devil right there. Yes we’re in Arkansas, not Georgia, but the music, the country theme and the idea of a fiddler battling The Devil fits Hot Spring County like a ten-gallon hat.

Takin’ a Ride by Don Felder

I lived in Hot Spring County the first time I saw the movie, Heavy Metal (which features this song). I lived in a house along a backroad and the house was full of band posters and an inflatable cooler with a blowup football helmet on the top. Although people more commonly associate country music with the South, I’ve always felt that the softer and older metal music fit the more urbanized areas like Malvern much better. This song feels like Malvern when you’re driving or listening to it at home. Don’t fall asleep while it’s on, though, or you’ll wake up in the 80s.

Live In Fear by Mark Crozer

This is a little-known song that I picked up from watching WWE. The wrestler has a haunting backwater theme and his entrance music, Live In Fear, is a rock song with a spooky country feel. I live on a dirt road out in the backwoods and I especially used to love it when I’d leave before dawn with fog over the road. That was when always hit my CD over to Live In Fear and cranked the music up so that those low bass cords that introduced the song shook my car.

Got Myself a Gun by Alabama 3

Surely I don’t have to explain this one! Everyone who’s ever seen the Sopranos has wanted this song. If you’re like me, you probably got it off of iTunes and burned it to a CD to put in your car as soon as possible. Malvern is perfectly laid out to make you feel like you’re Tony Soprano driving through downtown New York when you’re really just on your way to the library: passing billboards and familiar shops, you’re building your own opening scenes in your head as you pull onto Main Street. Because that’s how we roll through the historical district.


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