Ghostbusters will thrive against menanist backlash

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

I saw Ghostbusters II long before I saw the first Ghostbusters. Back in the day, we had Ghostbusters II on VHS and it was one of those movies that I would watch again and again, a couple of times a week before I finally got tired of it. A lot of people didn’t like the sequel and I’m not sure why. I actually think it was better than the first, even after watching them both again. Sure, Ghostbusters II had an element of preachiness, but I don’t consider it heavy handed.

The Ghostbusters franchise made attempts at a third sequel. One was supposed to include the late great Chris Farley, who died before he could star in the movie. This was a sad parallel of the first film, which was supposed to include John Belushi.

Although I’d spent a long time waiting for the third sequel, my reaction when I finally heard it was happening was “meh.” I’d seen too many mediocre sequels (or remakes, in this case) in this age of sequelitis. It might be good, some of these sequels have surprised me that way. But I’m not ready to go nuts over a new Ghostbusters movie just yet.

But a lot of people have been going nuts and not in a way I’d really expected. I’d seen the typical “You’re ruining my childhood” posts, I had expected that. But I didn’t expect so much backlash over having a movie remake with female protagonists.

The menanists are at it again.

Let me sidetrack here and explain what a menanist is. They showed up after the Mad Max remake complaining that the male character looked incompetent next to the female lead. Basically, menanists are men who feel oppressed because entertainment has more strong female characters and they want to go back to a time where women were only side characters.

They’re good for a laugh sometimes.

I was mildly surprised when I saw that the creators and actors were arguing back at the menanist backlash. You don’t normally engage against that sort of thing.

On the other hand, the movie became a trending topic on Facebook twice that I saw because of those arguments. Why ignore internet heat when you can make it work for you? If there’s one thing that the internet loves more than anything, it’s cats. But the second thing that the internet loves more than almost anything is arguing. Every menanist who rages on Twitter or Facebook about the remake is advertising the movie not only to their own followers, but the followers of everyone who shares the post just so they can comment on it.

The end result is that this movie will be seen as a battle front in this internet war. There’s going to be no shortage of people who originally didn’t want to see the movie, but changed their mind because they want to support the all-female lead cast. I’ll be one of those. But whether I love or hate the movie, I’ll judge that on the film’s overall quality the same as everyone else.



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