Grading Mike Anderson’s third season with the Hogs

Now that the 2013-2014 Arkansas Razorback basketball season is over, we can look back and fully access Mike Anderson’s performance in his third year as the Head Hog.

Overall, I would have to give him a solid B this year. Before the season finale against Alabama, that grade was an A- and trending upward.
Then the wheels fell completely off, with the lackluster blowout loss at Alabama, then the uninspired loss to a woeful South Carolina in the SEC Tournament and finally the embarrassing loss on the road to California in the second round of the NIT.
Sandwiched in there was a home win over Indiana State in the first round of the NIT that looked good on paper, but only the second half of that game was a good performance by Arkansas (and almost all of that was done by Anthlon Bell).
This grade for this team varied wildly throughout the year. The Hogs started off a little slow out in Maui, but picked up in the nonconference slate and were quite an entertaining team to watch.
But they lapsed back into their old tricks once conference season started, going 2-6 and looking like serious contenders to be the bottom-dwellers in the conference this season, dropping my grade of the team and Anderson’s performance down to a mere D at this point.

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