Guldust sounds better than ever (RAW)

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

It seems the WWE writers have been stepping up their game in recent weeks. Fans have complimented the storylines on RAW and ratings have gone up. (They went up the same day I posted a column predicting WWE would have a lot of difficulty getting ratings up. I was very wrong, RAW broke three million that night.)

A nostalgic smile spread on my face when I saw Goldust’s promo. During his tag runs with Cody Rhodes and R-Truth, he’d been downplaying the fabulousness and came off more as a bruiser who liked a little gold paint and talked kind of hammy. And that wasn’t a bad gimmick, but whenever I watched his entrances I always remembered those over-the-top promos and epic show-biz theme he used to put on when I was younger. During his promo last night, Goldust sounded as great as I’ve ever heard him. This guy is gold on the mic and I love his theme of being a performance artist. His feuds are about putting on a great show. In an odd way, he sort of reminds me of some interpretations of The Joker from DC Comics. Like The Joker, Goldust is a performance artist and his villainous plots are all about putting on the performance of a lifetime.

Enzo and Cass


That reaction isn’t shock about the tag team breaking up, that’s just the way it goes in WWE. But this whole thing deserves a huge wow because they acted it out so well. Last week, Enzo Amore apparently shed a tear when he found out it was Big Cass who’d been attacking him. I don’t know if he secretly smelled an union at some point or if he’s so invested in their storyline he was actually able to feel it, but that is some next level acting.

And there are times when actors cry real tears on the show. During the last episode of The Golden Girls, they were all crying legit because the show was ending and Sarah Michelle Gellar cried for real during the breakup scenes with David Boreanaz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she was so invested in their characters.

For a moment, during Cass’ apology, I almost believed the WWE was going to surprise us and have them make peace. I wanted it to end that way because you just never see that sort of thing in the WWE. It usually goes straight from “I love you like my own brother” to “I’m gonna beat you into the ground!”

But although it’s still ending in a fight, Enzo Amore did break that pattern and try to make peace with Big Cass even after he found out Cass swerved him.

And of course Big Cass’ attack was brutal.

Samoa Joe and Lesnar

It’s no secret that I wanted Bray Wyatt to be next in line for the belt (it’s all I’ve talked about for several weeks). But last night, watching Samoa Joe take on Lesnar, I’ve got to admit that Joe vs. Lesnar is going to be an absolutely incredible match. As much as I’m a Bray Wyatt fan, Joe is just much more physical and brutal-looking in the ring. He’s a more believable threat to Brock Lesnar’s reign.


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