Help is on the way

She would have done it for any of us, and probably did for some of us. Nevertheless, all the things that she did do for folks around here was very evident as the line during visitation showed. A lot of family and friends found out for the first time what she had quietly done for others over the years.
Her helping hands were never for her glory. She knew her time here on earth was short and part of her blessing was to be able to take care of her family’s future without her. She had time to say good-bye and prepare those that she loved for a life without a mother, wife and daughter.
She was part of many worlds in our community and sometimes we didn’t know how much she did for so many. An obligation of a Christian is to let others see the Christ in them. She accomplished this over and over. Those closest to her saw bravery, kindness and optimism despite being challenged with a short worldly path.
I’ve read the end of The Book, and yes, I know everything will be okay.
Two weeks after she passed from the long battle with cancer, her family had to experience a tragedy without her there to help them. Once again, the tight-knit family had to say goodbye to another member, her son, Zane.
This young man, of only 19, was well on his way to being a blessing to others, just as his mom had been. He was skilled and employed; he was the tower of strength to his little sister, Taylor; he was kind; and he was saved.
A fellow 4-H member, with Zane and Taylor, was Emily, my daughter. As soon as she had heard about his mother’s passing, she began brainstorming about what could be done to help the family. Her first thoughts always go to the kids. As she was in the process of getting an account set up for Zane and Taylor, the worst hit.
Zane was gone in a sudden car accident on his way to work. Within a two-week period, so much was lost.
There is now an account set up at Summit Bank for Waylon Garrett and daughter Taylor.

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