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Since working at the Malvern Daily Record I have been involved with a few tabs, which is short for tabloids. They are the sectional inserts dedicated to certain topics like softball, graduation, volunteers or health.
My favorite tab, that I became involved with, was “Armed Forces Day.” Go figure.
I have just heard about a new tab of ours called “A Day in the Life,” that is coming out in July.
This is going to be cuter than kittens.
Thursday, June 27 has been chosen as “The Day,” that will focus on all of our lives here in Hot Spring County.
Everybody is asked to submit photos of their typical activities as they go about their day on June 27.
Take photos of co-workers, friends, family and yourself (don’t forget to include some pets in the photo with you), while working, playing or relaxing.
Be sure to include names (from left to right, so that we can ‘tag’ you in the photos). Most important is to please include the time of the day that the photo was taken.
We want to create a ‘timeline’ of our world, just for Hot Spring County, about Hot Spring County.
So, now that I have used some of the Facebook slang like ‘tag’ and ‘timeline,’ you might be wondering what the big picture is all about.
With the advent of Facebook, which is fleeting and where posts are quickly bypassed and forgotten, this tab will capture us at a certain pin-point in time and be published as a hardcopy that no digital camera can erase (had that happen too many times).
It will be a piece of history that can be ‘shared’ long after the short lifespan of a Facebook post.
I often wonder what kind of ‘dark ages’ we are creating by allowing our information-highway overload to exist in ethereal space without a hard copy.
That is why this tab is really going to be fun for not only the day it runs, but also for the future.
I think everybody will ‘like our pages,’ especially since it will actually be all yours.
The deadline for submission will be Tuesday, July 9.
Photos and info can be brought by our office, 219 Locust Street, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or emailed to us at compmdr@sbcglobal.net or call us at 337-7523.

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