House paves the way for self-driving cars

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

The House of Representatives approved a bill to pave the way for self-driving cars by removing safety standards that lawmakers claim do not apply to the technology. The bill will also allow the deployment of up to 25,000 self driving vehicles in the first year and raising up to 100,000 a year by the third year.

Designers of self-driving cars have complained that the differing laws of each state have hindered the deployment of vehicles. Experts have said that self-driving cars will drastically reduce road fatalities, most of which are caused by human error.

Safety groups and states have objected, concerned about the safety of allowing a computer to make the decisions in driving a heavy vehicle.

The Senate is now working on a similar bill, which they must reconcile with the House bill before it can be passed. One open question is whether or not the Senate bill will include commercial vehicles. The House bill did not include commercial vehicles, due to pressure from labor unions.


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