HSCSO arrests 3 in drug bust; more arrests expected

Staff Writer

The Hot Spring County Sheriff's Office recently executed Operation Melting Ice. Due to investigative leads, the sheriff's office conducted a search warrant on Ozark Loop seizing multiple narcotics, including a methamphetamine with the street name "Ice," black tar heroin, marijuana, numerous pills, and precursor chemicals for manufacturing methamphetamine, as well as paraphernalia used for the sale of drugs. Subsequently, three arrests have been made with several felony charges and there are more expected to come.
Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth said that this operation was a major blow to narcotics of all kinds in the Bismarck and Point Cedar area. The HSCSO would like to thank citizens for all the help provided for the department to be able to complete this mission.
Chief Deputy Jeremy Bennett said the sheriff's office hopes that this helps the citizens feel safer in Hot Spring County.



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