Just a game? Not so in Bismarck: Way of life

“Is he going to do it?” I prayed.
“He’s at the 30, the 20, the 10, touchdown Bismarck!” screamed the announcer.
Roaring from the Lion fans, stomping in the stands and the band coming to life set the whole stadium on fire.
Nate Asher, Shelby Orr and the Bismarck football team had made the play of the night and the first home game touchdown was in the books.
Thank you, Bismarck for giving me and my best friend another great moment in your community.
We were jumping up and down, grinning like kids and celebrating with our adopted town.
“Did you get it?” asked my best friend. I was stunned from the excitement and was finally brought back to the reality of why I was there, which was to cover the game for the Malvern Daily Record. I quickly checked the camera and scanned back through the shots... I did!
Completely new to sports coverage, my biggest fear is not getting the shot. Providence has a way of smiling and when I looked closer at the camera screen I saw the perfect shot.
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