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Not Protesting, playing Pokemon Go
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Tensions and worries surrounding the protests in Hot Springs were not enough to stand in this trainer's quest to be the very best no one ever was. But he did take measures to avoid confusion.

In his Facebook post, found here, he posted the following.

“As many know, there was a rally held in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas today. The mis-information leading up to this rally warned of numerous hate groups, racist groups, and possible confrontations.

I decided this was not going to stop me from playing Pokemon-Go. My son, Chase, loved Pokemon. Sadly, he was not here to play Pokemon-Go because he died from brain cancer in 2012. It has been hard for me to deal daily with him being gone. I started playing because I now live alone in the house he passed away in, and I go home each night and talk to him. I tell him of the pokemon I caught, evolved, or raids I faught in.

We all take for granted our freedoms, our privledges as Americans, and basically the blessing that is life. There are so many more important things to discuss. So many more important causes to pursue.
I decided to make a stand today. I am glad I did. Many people downtown walked away smiling and laughing, instead of disheartened. I am glad I had a good effect on people who expected nothing but hate and anger today.

I served my country so that each and every citizen has the right to their opinion and the freedom to voice it. Even though we do not all agree, we can still stand together as Americans and live in harmony.
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