A look back at the Friendship Bulldogs

There was a time when small schools dotted the landscape of Arkansas.
I don’t mean small like Ouachita High School, I’m talking about schools so small that it would take two of them combining to make Ouachita High.
One of those schools is Friendship High School. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, the Bulldogs were a fearsome team.
In 1938, they defeated Hot Springs, Little Rock and North Little Rock in a single season. They may have also defeated Malvern that year.
Fast forward 75 years and the only remnants you will find of that team are stories of their success passed down from generation to generation and Mark Strother, a 1940 graduate of Friendship High School, who was just a sophomore on that 1938 team.
Strother is the sole surviving member of one of the better teams of that era.

For the full story, see Saturday's Malvern Daily Record.

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