Luke Harper can be main event talent

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Luke Harper looked pretty good on SMACKDOWN on Feb. 7.

Even before the split up, there have been little clues that Harper would be getting a push from WWE Creative. I remember one of the announcers saying, “This is a man who has all the tools he needs to be what ever he wants in the WWE, including World Champion.”

The last time the Wyatt Family split apart, Harper didn’t do half bad for himself. He was picked to get the Intercontinental Title from Dolph Ziggler, which was pre-scripted but it still counts to his ability because he looked dangerous in the feud.

But the day I really started paying attention to Harper was when he went up against Brock Lesnar. Harper lost, of course, but he didn’t look half bad. This counts for a lot: even if wrestlers lose against Lesnar, it can still go a long way to getting over if they look good against him. Brock Lesnar is a block of solid muscle, but more important than that, he’s an MMA fighter. All of his bulk is honed to max efficiency for fighting and it shows, so any wrestler who even looks convincing against a guy like that is going to look very good to the fans.

Harper’s next big feud is against Randy Orton and he’s taking Orton on at the Elimination Chamber. I doubt Harper will win this because they are building Orton up for Wrestlemania. But this is still going to be good for Harper: again, because he’s going to look good.

Harper went in the ring against Orton once before and this was a good match. Orton is excellent in the ring and Harper surprised me by being able to keep up with him. There aren’t many wrestlers that can do that and this made for a great performance. If Harper and Orton do that again at a pay per view, it’s not a stretch to hope WWE Creative and the fans start seeing Luke Harper as main event talent.

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