Magnet Cove School District proposes millage increase

Alexis Meeks
Staff Writer

The Magnet Cove Public School District is asking voters in the Magnet Cove School District to get out and vote on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 to increase the millage rate.
The purpose of the millage rate increase is to build a new elementary school for the district. The current elementary school was constructed in 1950. The almost 70 year old building is no longer able to effectively sustain enrollment and function as intended due to its antiquated offerings, according to Magnet Cove Superintendent Danny Thomas. Thomas said that over the years the building has been added onto and updated to the best of the school’s abilities. Now, it would be extremely challenging to bring the facilities up to standards while providing a safe environment for educational occupancy and the costs of such renovations do not justify its salvage. “We’re growing,” Thomas said, “Over the last five years we’ve grown from 640 students to 740 students.”
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