The making of a champion, Part 1

What does it take to be a champion? One could say skill and determination — and they wouldn’t be wrong.
One of the biggest assets to a team on a championship run is emotion, and the Malvern High School Lady Leopards have plenty of that.
Emotion gives you that extra edge that makes you want it just a little bit more than your opponent.
When the Lady Leopards got knocked out of the tournament a year ago, the primary reactions I noticed from the team was disappointment verging on anger.
Angry at themselves for falling short of their goal. That chip was carried on their shoulder all summer long and when the season started up, they were determined to be the last team standing.
We all know the story by now. With her team trailing by one point, Tiffany Murdock drove the lane for a shot, but it was off the mark. She was able to get the rebound herself and put up another attempt quickly to give the Lady Leopards a one-point lead with 3.7 seconds left in the game.
Then Alivia Huell stepped in front of a long pass that would ultimately seal the game for Malvern and the celebration ensued.

For the full story, see Saturday's Malvern Daily Record.

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