Malvern man accused of trafficking guns to Chicago

Joshua Waddles
staff Writer

Chicago police arrested a Malvern resident, 27-year-old Klint Kelley, of trafficking guns from Arkansas to Chicago. Kelley was recently charged in a federal court in Chicago with three counts of dealing firearms without a license across state lines and one count of selling firearms to a known felon. In addition, Chicago police say Kelley has spent five years trafficking hundreds of guns from Arkansas to Illinois.
Within the scope of his charges, Kelley is accused of selling a total of 21 handguns for a total of $14,750. These guns include eight semiautomatic rifles, one semiautomatic shotgun and 12 handguns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigated Kelley’s alleged sale of guns in Chicago, a city which has made the news frequently for gun and gang violence.



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