MES new program RISE receives award

Malvern Elementary School Principal Meredith McCormack spoke to Malvern Rotary Club on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 about the new Reading Initiative for Students Excellent and The Science of Reading.
Gretchen Ritchey

Malvern Elementary School Principal Meredith McCormack explained new teaching techniques currently being taught at MES to the Malvern Rotary Club on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
McCormack said national studies have shown that only about 30 percent of third and fourth grade students were proficient in reading on national tests.
Scientists were studying the best way to learn to read while teachers were teaching students to read the best way they knew how.
Once scientists and educators began looking at ways a person learns to read they determined that humans are born with their brains wired to learn to talk from hearing words from others. She said this is called The Science of Reading. However, said McCormack reading is different because students must be taught explicitly how to read.
McCormack said educators are returning to the code-able text beginning in Kindergarten teaching the phonics skills. MES is using the state Reading Initiative for Students Excellence (RISE) to help students learn to read better. Recently at a conference in Hot Springs, scientist were impressed with how much knowledge there was in Arkansas on The Science of Reading.
Arkansas began retaining its teachers to teach reading through the RISE initiative. MES has six teachers that have completed RISE training and the remaining teachers at MES will complete RISE training by the end of 2019.
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