A New Home: Business moves into new location

The team at Community Care Rx include Thad Allen, Teresa Allen, Shelyn Davis, Sheila Collins, Kimi Beauchamp, Missy Adams and Medea Alston. Samantha Pennington, not pictured, just graduated from pharmacy school and also works for the Community Care Rx Pharmacy team.
Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

After months of preparation, the pharmacy with a great big heart—Community Care Rx–has officially relocated to its new location and building in Malvern on Monday at 1402 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. next to Taco Bell.
Shelyn Davis, pharmacy manager/pharmacist has been thrilled and overjoyed ever since the groundbreaking for the new building on February 14. Davis said her staff has spent numerous hours working into the new building over the weekend. She added, the new pharmacy has two drive-through windows to make the process more convenient for customers and the staff. There is a drop-off window for prescriptions and a pick-up window for the drive-through.
Davis said the two drive-through windows at the pharmacy will help make communication more efficient.
She mentioned the staff is continuing to make improvements for their new home, but curbside service is still available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The lobby is not officially open, but Davis said they have allowed people to enter. "We hadn't officially opened the lobby, but people have come in. With the coronavirus, we're trying to be very careful," Davis mentioned.
"We are dedicated to taking care of all patients and all of their needs."
As the pharmacy is making the transition, Davis mentions there should not be any delays in filling medications and all prescriptions, patient history will remain accessible.
Davis has been grateful for this new experience and chapter in her life. She stated during the groundbreaking how wonderful it was to cherish the experience with her parents Guy and Sheila Collins, as well as family, friends and the community. She stated, she has been very blessed to be surrounded by a group of people who love this community as much as she and her family does.
Davis also expressed deep gratitude to the doctors, nurses, dentists and everyone who has a role in healthcare in this community. "We also want to thank businesses like Malvern National Bank and the Chamber of Commerce for helping us achieve our goals," Davis added.
She is very thankful for Randy Burks, pharmacist, who works part-time and gave the pharmacy his old "Apothecary" sign— he had at the Malvern Pharmacy. The sign is hanging up inside the lobby in the new building.
Community Care Rx Pharmacy has served in the Malvern community since December 2018. The new building and location is a historic experience for the pharmacy. Davis hopes to continue to establish a strong connection in the community for quality care. She is very thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity as well as her family and friends who work with her because she believes she could not have done this on her own.
"It truly takes a village for us to run this pharmacy," she said.
A grand opening for the pharmacy is being planned sometime in July, Davis said.