New skin packs available on Minecraft Marketplace

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Minecraft has released several new skins on the Minecraft Marketplace for Minecraft Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 version.

The first (of three) new skin packs is called the Battle & Beasts Skin Pack, which is actually two spin packs packaged into one. The skins, popular on console editions but never before available on Windows 10 or Pocket, depict anthropomorphic wild animals and warriors from several nations.

The next skin pack comes from Minecraft’s new partner, “Irish!”. These skins depict interplanetary explorers divided into color-coded teams.

The last pack is also an anthropomorphic pack, but depicted as house pets instead of wild animals. Instead of playing music in the game for a parrot to dance to, players can now be the parrot and do the dancing themselves.

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