No action after city investigation

Malvern Mayor Steve Northcutt says he will take no action regarding the completed investigation of several allegations about Malvern Street Department Superintendent Glenn McCloud. Northcutt said the investigation stemmed from a letter sent to the Arkansas Municipal League by a “disgruntled” former street department employee who had been terminated. Northcutt said he asked Malvern Chief of Police Donnie Taber to conduct an internal investigation regarding the letter’s allegations.

According to Taber’s report, the letter sent to the Muncipal League alleged that street department superintendent Glenn McCloud did not report that a track hoe had been submerged in water rather than damaged in mud, that McCloud had stolen and was using equipment belonging to the street department for personal gain and that McCloud attempted to charge a resident for unnecessary concrete to be used at a city-maintained cemetery.

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