November 3, 2017

A group of boys discusses who will go first in a game of knockout at the Boys & Girls Club of Malvern and Hot Spring County on Thursday, Nov. 2.Bismarck High School released blue and green balloons for rememberance at their last football game of the season on Thursday, Nov. 2.A Centerpoint player sneaks up on Bismarck QB James Kegley who lets go of the ball just in time at the Hammer Down.Robert Lafond, veteran’s service officer for Hot Spring County, let the Malvern Area Kiwanis know about his role in helping veterans fill out VA paperwork. Eli Dawson runs the ball for Magnet Cove at a recent game. The Panthers were defeated only once by conference teams this season, but did not win a non-conference game this year. The Panthers will host a playoff game on Friday, Nov. 10.Families brought their kids to the bounce house and slide at the Malvern Police Department’s fall festival on Halloween night. After the fall festival, they went in to the MPD’s haunted houses. Poyen’s Jacob Farmer lets the ball fly while Dalton Meyer blocks at a recent game. The Indians lost (40-27) for the seventh time this season at England.The Poyen Indian cheerleaders perform on the football field at halftime at a recent football game.Workers put out cones while they dug near K&A Tires on East Page

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