October 6 & 7, 2017

The Bismarck Junior High School quarterback handsthe ball off to the running back at the game on Thursday, Oct. 5 at Glen Rose Junior High School.Doyle Cook, a former sheriff, bought his 1993 Mercury Marquis from a friend. The car still has the same working battery it had 24 years ago. Jayshawn Cox (2) runs the ball for Glen Rose with Carson Fite bringing up his rear as Bismarck’s Noah Emerson (63) looks to make a stop at the Bismarck vs. Glen Rose game on Friday, Oct. 6 at Bismarck’s Doyle Henderson Stadium.Sean Corrigan kicks for the Glen Rose Beavers while Jace Haynes keeps the ball in place on Friday, Oct. 6.The Malvern Daily Record celebrated its 101st anniversary Friday, Oct. 6. The paper was established on Oct. 7, 1916. Pictured above (counter-clockwise) Realtor Connie Cheatham, Hot Spring County Judge Dennis Thornton, Hot Spring County Deputy Treasurer Glorie Thornton, Hot Spring County Treasurer Mary Cansler and Danny Riggan with McClure Real Estate. Reverend Henry Mitchell, president of the Malvern Area Kiwanis Club, welcomed Malvern High School Principal Jennifer Shnaekel and students Princess Welch and Faith Garner for their presentation on Malvern’s School of Innovation Program. Magnet Cove discusses their strategy at a recent home game.Poyen receiver Colton Smith plucks an interception from the Eagles on Friday, Oct. 6 at the PJHS homecoming game.Poyen’s cheer queen crowns the Poyen Junior High School queen at the 2017 homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 6. The queen is Annie Hicks. The two boys are her escorts for the evening. Poyen’s homecoming princess is Harley Warren. The Indians defeated the Cutter Morning Star Eagles with a final score of 38-6. The week six game is the first victory for the Indians this season. The Indians will travel to Bigelow next week to face the Panthers.

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