Opinion column: DC owns over Marvel

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

The year is over and we’re all taking stock. Most of us are still in shock, some of us are angry and more than a few of us are a little scared. But not a one of us can believe what a disaster 2016 has been because the movies were just terrible.

There’s a war between the fans of DC movies and Marvel movies. In my opinion, this war got heated with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As soon as this movie came out, the movie was bashed and stomped on without mercy by the critics and by an army of nerds on Facebook. The heat was so bad that I didn’t even go see it at the premier; I waited a week and finally saw it out of an obligation to review it.

From the way people were acting, I was expecting Gigli at the very least. But I thought the movie was pretty decent and left feeling glad I saw it.

And my heart was filled with rage at the fans who stomped all over the movie and poor Ben Affleck!

Affleck seemed to go into a depression when the backlash against this movie hit him. There’s a video of this poor man’s face looking just broken and soul-crushed when a journalist asked for his response to the criticism of BVS (and video edits played Sound of Silence in the background). He said he hadn’t felt so low since Gigli.

Facebook nerds, who I can only assume were Marvel fans who were used to heroes that looked like Muppets trying to kill each other, said the movie was too dark. They must have meant literally because there was nothing particularly grim or gory about this movie. At least compared to almost every other movie I’ve ever seen.

This was why I took to Facebook and addressed everyone who thought BVS was too dark: I encouraged them not to see Suicide Squad.

The bad reviews fooled me again, mostly because I heard of the last minute cuts by panicked producers reacting to the backlash against BVS. I went into the movie depressed because I thought I would hate it and I left the movie laughing because I liked it so much.

With BVS, I’ll admit it wasn’t a 10. I can kind of see why some genuine fans wouldn’t like it. But for those who didn’t like Suicide Squad, I can only think it’s because they wanted a children’s movie.

Now let’s talk about a movie that I hate with everything in me: X-Men: Apocalypse.

I love the character, Apocalypse. He was my absolute favorite villain when I was a kid and the Age of Apocalypse alternate universe was the center of my nerdy world for several years. This was the character I was waiting to see since the first X-Men movie came out. This was the character I’d been holding my breath and waiting to see on the big screen for 15 years.

They gave me Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers Movie.

I was prepared to overlook this abomination of a character design because a good story and characterization can make you overlook that, but the entire movie was a complete and total mess.

In the comics, Apocalypse was very powerful but his powers were limited: he couldn’t just snap his fingers and make anything he wanted happen like in Bewitched. Imagine if they gave Wolverine heat vision and made him fly. That’s sort of what I feel like they did to this character.

The only mutant power Apocalypse didn’t seem to have in the movie was mind control/brain washing, which would have been the only way in the world to explain how any one of his Four Horsemen ever would have helped him.

Writing Magneto, Storm and Psylocke as willing Horsemen makes about as much sense as writing a Lassie movie starring Grumpycat. Archangel was a Horseman in the comics, but he was brainwashed like Apocalypse’s Horsemen usually were.

Now I will admit that Deadpool was a great movie, and I will grudgingly admit that Captain America: Civil War was the best superhero movie of 2016. The reason for this is because they finally did something different and they’re not like Marvel movies. Deadpool was a very R-rated superhero parody and Civil War had complicated personal conflicts and a compelling story: It wasn’t city-destroying CGI vomit.

Marvel puts out a lot more movies than DC does and I hope that changes. Right now, Marvel’s strategy seems to be all about throwing stuff to the wall and seeing what sticks. Movies like Deadpool and Civil War are good enough to make you forget that most of what they put out is more like Doctor Strange.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Doctor Strange well enough. I just liked it better when it was called Iron Man.

But DC has had a lot of great movies like The Dark Knight and… The Dark Knight…. Also some very good Batman movies in 1989 and 1992. Maybe it’s mostly Batman but Suicide Squad… had Batman and the Joker in it - whatever, the point is that DC can make some very good movies from time to time. Marvel has yet to come up with a movie that can dethrone The Dark Knight as the greatest superhero movie of all time. And as DC gets more comfortable making movies they’re going to start allowing creators to present their true artistic visions and love for the characters.

And this will always put them above movies where the focus is on CGI.

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