Perla Water plans to sell to Liberty Utilities

Getchen Ritchey
Staff Writer

Perla City Council met for its first meeting of 2020 on Monday, January 13 at Perla City Hall.
Representatives from Liberty Utilities were present to answer questions of the council. Prior to Perla’s City Council meeting Liberty Utilities met with the City of Malvern Mayor, City of Malvern Attorney and the city’s water manager to discuss the sale of Perla’s water system to Liberty Utilities. During the meeting Liberty Utilities and the City of Malvern began formulating a water supply agreement.
According to Liberty Utilities, the purchase contract with Perla Water Association is ready, however the next step is for Malvern and Perla to agree on an settlement amount to finalize Perla’s bankruptcy.
Ron Snider, operations director with Liberty Utilities told the council that Liberty Utilities planned to be active in community events in the area. He said in Pine Bluff the Liberty Utilities participates in civic and social events, along with being involved with the community in various other ways.
Liberty Utilities will be holding a town hall meeting in the future for residents of Perla Water Association to ask questions and meet the Liberty Utilities staff.
Adams also told the council that he anticipates the closing of the Liberty Utilities sale during the first quarter.
Adams also stated that water bills were due on January 10 and have always been due on the 10th of each month or water service could be disconnected.