Putting pen to paper - literally; beginners get writer’s block too

Can you have “writer’s block” if you are not said writer? Yes, yes you can. Take it from me. We have started doing this thing in our editorial department where everyone gets to write a column...that includes myself. I would say I am not a writer by nature. I have taken all kinds of English/writing classes but that does not make me any more prepared for this. I journal often, that consists of a lot of gibberish, free form, whatever I want to say and no sense has to come from it. Once again, does not prepare me for this.

As I sit daily, I listen to all my coworkers working on their column(s), typing away on the computer like there is no tomorrow. And I am green with envy. I want to be able to sit down and knock this thing outta the park. I want to write a column, but I also want it to be good and enjoyable to the reader. That’s where I get blocked big time. I’d love to write about shoes and why I love them, nail polish and why I am drawn to it, buy it and have only personally painted my nails twice in six months, cardigans and how I think you can never go wrong with one or my irrational fears (that could fill a weekly space, but I digress). I worry, though, is that “hard hitting,” interesting journalism that people want to read about? I’d say yes, but, I also love reading E! News, judge away.
In theory I have these spectacular ideas, mind you in theory things are much more grandiose. Isn’t it funny how in our minds we can do anything and then when it comes to putting pen to paper, literally, something happens and we fall short of what we thought we could/would do. Or in our minds we do.

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