The quest for legendary Pokemon begins

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Pokemon Go has announced that the moment all Pokemon Go players have been waiting for, the arrival of legendary Pokemon, will arrive soon.

Pokemon Go put out the call on Thursday. In order for the legendary Pokemon to begin appearing, two things must happen. First, trainers around the world must work over time at catching as many Pokemon as possible. After that, players in Chicago must defeat the first legendary Pokemon to appear in Grant Park.

If both of these quests succeed, legendary Pokemon will begin appearing all over the world.

Legendary Pokemon Eggs will have a small chance of appearing in Pokemon gyms and when players defeat a legendary raid boss, they will have a small chance of catching a legendary Pokemon.

These legendary Pokemon can be used on raids, but can not be used to guard gyms, as they are unwilling to leave their trainers’ sides.

There are 47 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon lore. Pokemon Go has not yet announced how many, or which, will appear if the quests are successful.

Image courtesy of Fast Co Design


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